The Abu Dhabi Forum for Peace was established in 2014 in response to the challenges facing religious communities in the modern world. Renowned for its unique approach of drawing on scripture and traditional legal philosophy to address conflicts concerning Muslim societies, the Forum has since grown to include other faith groups in search of the shared values that unite us all.

The Forum draws inspiration from the teachings of traditional religions, looking to move beyond mere tolerance and toward mutual flourishing. Drawing on the Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ Constitution of Medina which first established the rights of religious minorities, the Forum has led initiatives such as the Marrakech Declaration and the Alliance of Virtue to protect and empower different faiths.

The Forum is not only an ambassador of religious freedom, but a defender of the theological principles that underly it. It recognises the value of diversity and difference without forgetting that which is universal; and it is proud to be both firmly grounded in tradition and conscious of the contemporary context.

One of the world’s leading experts of the foundational principles of Islamic legal philosophy, the Forum’s founder Shaykh Abdallah bin Bayyah is widely recognised as an authority for leading the discourse of promoting peace on the basis of traditional teachings:

Shaykh Abdallah bin Bayyah

‘It is essential to undertake an intellectual excavation to uncover the forgotten scriptural foundations for peace and its unheeded higher objectives. This is to be done by deploying texts and activating the tradition to prove the claim that we are making, which is: Islam is a religion of peace. Peace, being a religious objective, is the firmest guarantor of human rights and the finest means of safeguarding the five protected interests of the shariah from warfare and strife’
The Forum serves to put the Shaykh’s method into action through encouraging theological education among both Muslims and non-Muslims; charitable enterprise; dialogue between religious leaders, civil society representatives, and governments; and active participation within communities.

Mission &

At the heart of the Forum is a belief in the positive contribution that faith can make to society. From the challenges of demographic change and pluralism to the threats posed by technology and the climate crisis, we believe that the wisdom of tradition can help to inform how we respond to a rapidly changing world. 

To this end, the Forum seeks to engage British Muslims and those of other religious traditions in discussions surrounding peaceful pluralism; the protection of religious freedom; and faith-based approaches to the most pressing issues of our time. It seeks to demonstrate the relevance of religious insights to modern society, and relate our particular beliefs to the universal values shared by all.

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