Engaging with civil society is essential for promoting the message of peace. In the UK, the Forum has facilitated a number of dialogues and discussions to explore the role that faith can play in our societies, giving Muslim community leaders, be those clerics, scholars or activists, a voice.

The Forum also seeks to promote harmony between the Muslim community and other faiths in a way that ensures both commitment to the principles of religion and fruitful engagement with the contemporary context.

Muslims have lost the necessary balance between their religious and ethical conscience on the one hand, and the demands of contemporary matters on the other. This imbalance in turn has rendered the Muslim nation unable to harmonize the demands of the current age with the universal truths imbedded in the precepts of Sacred Law and the tenets of faith” – By Shaykh Abdallah bin Bayyah

This entails strengthening theological narratives on contemporary issues facing modern Muslim communities, and developing the capacity of Muslim leaders in the UK to answer key questions of Islamic belief and practice in context.

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